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Website Design Bootcamp

Sponsored & Partnered with Blacks in Technology
Image by Igor Miske


Website Design Bootcamp is introductory program to teach individuals foundational skills about design and the creation of web pages and websites, by using the Wix Platform. Students within the Website Design Bootcamp will learn how to critically evaluate website quality, learn how to create and maintain quality web pages, learn about web design standards and why they're important, learn to create and manipulate images and how to enter into Technology Careers. The Website Design Bootcamp will progresses from introductory work on web design to a culminating project in which students design and develop websites for a local community organization.

Why Attend Our Web Design Bootcamp

Website Design Bootcamp will introduce students to the world of technology in an exciting way. By completing this program you will be able to have an employable skills for many industries, and or start the journey to becoming a Freelancer and or starting your own Design Firm.


Things You Will Learn

Professional Website Design Research

Website Layout and Webpage Layout

Introduction to UI/UX,

Wire Framing

Introduction to Web Design Tools and Professional Tools

Introduction to HTML

Marketing Tools

Creation of a Professional Portfolio

Image by Windows
Graphic Designers



Columbus, OH Cohort

Class is Full

Charleston, WV In-Person Cohort Meetings

Coming Soon

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