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Top Five New Features on Wix

Wix has been creating many new features recently to keep up with many of your needs. Here are some of these best new capabilities that many of your websites now have access to.

  1. Wix Stores now has multi vendor capabilities.

    1. That is right, J-TECH can now help you set up your own mini "Amazon" through your Wix Website.

  2. Wix Ascend now can connect to Instagram.

    1. You can now schedule your post directly from Wix to Facebook and Instagram

  3. Wix Payment Options Have Expanded

    1. As a business you can now accept Apple Pay, Klarna, Split It and more. These are in addition to our classic Payment Provides such as PayPal and Square. Remember most Payment Processors do have fees.

  4. Wix now has gradient backgrounds.

  5. Have you always wanted to have multi color backgrounds? Now you can now can. With our new gradient tool, you can now have a full area of your page fade to multiple colors in a professional way.

  6. Gift Cards.

  7. Wix now has a full loyalty program creation program and eGift Cards system for you to offer your customers.

If you are needing help with any of these services or anything else, feel free to call J-TECH at 614-398-1188 and we will make sure to get you the assistance you need.

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