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Why Chicago Chicken and Waffles is the Number One Chicken Spot in Chicago

Throughout the years, I have traveled to Chicago many times. Around the world, Chicago is known for its rich culture, neighborhoods, and it's food. Many would say that Uncle Remus and Harold’s are by far the best chicken restaurants in The Windy City. I would disagree. After trying these restaurants and other places in Chicagoland, Chicago Chicken and Waffles located on the south side and in Oak Park west of Chicago is definitely my favorite soul food and fried chicken place. First, the sides are unmatched by most. The sweet potatoes have a nice sauce with them that are buttered with cinnamon and are great with your greens. The mac and cheese consists of the perfect blend of cheeses that feel like a southern grandmother is cooking it in the kitchen. In addition to the great chicken, Chicago Chicken and Waffles also has some great waffles, excellent potato salad, and some amazing catfish.

If this is not enough, the vibes within the place are also amazing, especially at the Oak Park location. Here, the restaurants usually host a live jazz night with amazing bands and they even allow you to bring your own bottle for a small fee.

So when you are in Chi-Town or just passing through, make sure you stop at the infamous Chicago Chicken and Waffles.

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