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Why is BBQ so bland in Columbus?

As a foodie I have found it embarrassing that Columbus is referred to as flavortown especially when it comes to BBQ. Most of the places I have tried with others have been very bland, unseasoned or just downright nasty. This is a common opinion. Many others online and from social media groups, post a laughing emoji when referring to barbeque places in Columbus. I was very shocked when we recently made the top 10 cities with the best barbeque in America. I have personally tried multiple different places in the last few weeks and none of them have come close to the quality barbeque places found in St Louis, Chicago, Texas and beyond. Maybe I need to keep searching, but so far I have not found a decent barbeque place in Central Ohio that is not a chain restaurant.

As a result, I believe we should gladly give our barbecue ranking to a different city such as Austin, Dallas, or Texas.

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