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Road to 500 Sale

J-TECH has completed over 400 websites

J-TECH has completed over 400 websites in the past year by doing what we love, creating online spaces for current and new businesses. During these challenging times, we want to make sure we are helping businesses more than ever before. As a result, we are launching our road to 500 sale. From August 16 to August 18, we are having a major promotion targeted towards local businesses in Columbus. J-TECH will offer three page websites(not available for e-Commerce websites or websites with premium features), for only $50 with the purchase of a monthly hosting fee of $12. To obtain this deal please fill out the form below with your website content and pay for your website.

Examples of Premium Features

Stores, recurring invoices or plans, applications(You may give us a link to an application), galleries over 15 pictures, etc.

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