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Why Epic Buffet in Columbus Needs to Open Back Up

If you are looking for a great date night or just somewhere to hangout with friends, family, or co-workers who are all adults, Epic Buffet was the perfect place to visit. This buffet is inside Hollywood Casino in west Columbus. It featured steak nights, all you can eat shrimp and much more at the buffet. Additionally, it had some of the best ribs you could find in Columbus(which is not hard to do because this city doesn't have too many good BBQ places). One who was over 21 could easily enjoy this place, as no kids were allowed inside of the facility, the buffet line stayed clean, and the restaurant looked upscaled for a buffet. This was truly a great staple for the Columbus Area. However, all of this came to an abrupt end when the Coronavirus pandemic closed all casinos in Ohio and many of them across the nation. However, as the casino reopened and even new restaurants have opened, Epic Buffet has still not returned. This is unacceptable.

After having a buffet with quality food that's not run over by kids, it is hard to have to go back to enduring those conditions if you want an array of unlimited choices. Hopefully soon we will be able to see a buffet back in Columbus that is for adults only(or even certain hours for just adults) because this was very nice while it lasted.

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